Next week, Dec 8-14, 2014, begins Computer Science Education Week and “The Hour of Code”, a global movement giving every student an opportunity to try computer science for one hour.

For the second year in a row, our partners at the University of Colorado Boulder invite you to participate in the Hour of Code with AgentCubes, an easy-to-use 3D game design & programming tool. In the one hour AgentCubes activity, every child age 10 and up can create a 3D “Frogger” game, even without any prior 3D programming experience. Teachers require minimal preparation before using the activity in class.

In as little as one hour, your students will code, play, and share their games with children from around the world, all guided by the interactive instructional video. Students start programming in the first couple of minutes of the activity. Check out AgentCubes Hour of Code activity page for more information and to access the activity planning sheet for teachers and the printable tutorial.

For more information on the hour of code and how to participate, visit

Hour of Code AgentCubes animated gif