Update from Director Christine Terry

Dear eMINTS friends, colleagues, and followers,

I am delighted to send out my best wishes for the 2016-17 academic year as the new director of the eMINTS National Center.  After 16 years of working for eMINTS as a trainer, program coordinator, and associate director, I am excited to serve the eMINTS mission, teachers, and staff in this new role.

This is an exciting year for us as we identify and explore the big challenges that are critical to the mission of supporting schools and educators in the transition to digital age teaching and learning.  Challenges of critical importance to us this year are:

  • Make significant contributions to educational research
    • We are partnering with faculty and other outreach units to identify opportunities to investigate emerging technologies and approaches
    • Through our US Department of Education grant we will investigate mechanisms for scaling the eMINTS program within and beyond Missouri
  • Continuously strive to better serve the eMINTS community
    • Support schools, districts, trainers, and teachers as they adapt our program to meet local/individual needs and technologies
    • Identify potential funding sources for technology and professional development for educators
    • Identify private and public sector partners who share our mission and values
  • Bridge the divide between research and practice
    • In light of the critical needs for STEM education, we are working to find ways to locally sustain and scale our coding project as we approach the final year of NSF funding
    • We are dramatically expanding our eLearning for Educators online course catalog in response to emerging trends in education and legislation
    • eMINTS is partnering with faculty in colleges of education to ensure that we are working together to serve both inservice and preservice educators.

If you would like to learn more about what is going on at eMINTS, I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email.  Or you can follow the eMINTS Google+ community.

Christie Terry

Director, eMINTS National Center

University of Missouri, College of Education