New Prices! New courses! Register Dec 7

eMINTS eLearning for Educators is about to get even better.

1611-w17-el4e-re-opens-soon-585x280We’re reducing the price of our facilitated courses to $99. That’s more than fifty percent off the previous price. 

 As part of the eMINTS National Center and the University of Missouri College of Education, our mission is to deliver high-quality, research-based, and low-cost professional development for educators.

 We think $99 for high-quality, facilitated professional development is a tremendous value that is hard to beat.

 We’re introducing more new courses, including courses about design learning, PBL, and computational thinking.

 Our spring courses will include the following:

  • Design Thinking in the Classroom
  • Empowering Learners with PBL
  • Innovative Teacher Leaders in the Digital Age
  • ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom
  • Recognizing Students with Dyslexia and Other Related Disorders
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Introduction to Computational Thinking

And coming soon:

  • New website
  • New course designs
  • New formats for courses

Registration for spring semester starts Dec 7, 2016. Courses begin February 22, 2017.

Please continue to send us feedback about our courses. We take into consideration every comment and request and often incorporate suggestions into future offerings.

Lein Shory

eMINTS eLearning Program Coordinator

Visit for more information on the eMINTS eLearning for Educators program.