Teachers needed for Genius Hour and Coding Workshop starting in February

Are you a 7th – 12th grade teacher interested in a Genius Hour or in introducing your students to coding? A Pathways Project funded by DESE is providing an opportunity to teachers in Central Missouri.

eMINTS will offer an innovative blended professional learning experience.  You may choose from one of two tracks: Genius Hour or Computational Thinking through Game Design.

Where:  Assessment Resource Center (ARC) –  2800 McGuire Blvd, Columbia Missouri 65201 (https://arc.missouri.edu/)

When: February 21st and 22nd and 1 day in late March to be scheduled with participants.

Teacher Stipend: $200 for course completion + $300 for participation in our NSF-funded study including implementation with students

Teachers in the coding track will step into the world of 3D online game design. You will attend two days of face to face PD and complete 4 weeks of an online course followed by a final day in late January before implementing the project with your students. You will also learn about the guided discovery method, Scalable Game Design, used to teach game design and coding. The 4-week online course will consist of weekly assignments, and the expectation is you will need about 3 hours or less per week working at your own time and pace to complete the work. This is a course for non-computer science teachers, but we welcome computer science teachers as well. The online Critical Thinking and Problem Solving with Game Design course and related software are free and you receive a $200 stipend for completing the course.

Once you complete the professional development, you will need about 5 one-hour class periods with students to complete one game with AgentCubes Online software. Students in the program pick up the drag and drop coding easily. They are engaged and excited about making an online video game. The critical thinking and problem solving transfer into other areas and enhance their learning. The program has been highly successful in introducing students to coding and showing transfer of learning. The students begin with a simple game of Frogger and can move to high levels of Scientific or Mathematical simulations. One year of Agent Cubes software is provided free of charge.

Teacher Stipend: $200

Teachers participating in the “Genius Hour” track will learn how to guide students through the process of identifying and carrying out STEM-based community-engagement projects that are driven by students’ own interests and curiosity. You will learn to mentor students as they select their inspiration, focus their goal-driven project, pitch their project, implement the project, and present their results to an authentic audience. This approach will connect students’ passion to STEM fields and careers, making STEM personal and mission driven. You will attend 2 days of face to face training followed by a 4-week online community of practice. In the community facilitators and peers will share example projects, inspirational ideas, and plans for implementing genius hour. In late January, you will come back to Columbia for one additional day of PD and inspiration before implementing the project with your students.

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For additional information contact: chaffinc@emints.org