About eMINTS


Our Mission

To impact teaching and learning through a powerful combination of technology and research-based strategies.

What we do

1. Provide high-quality and innovative professional learning experiences for educators.

2. Help districts build their own capacity to design and support the effective integration of technology and teaching.

How we do it

Technology Leadership

  • Build district capacity by developing your own technology coaches and professional development specialists
  • Assess your foundation and build a strong professional learning experiences through program planning services
  • Take ownership of professional learning with our library of materials that are designed for online, blended and face-to-face

Educational Professional Learning

  • Comprehensive, long term professional development programs to transform district instructional approach
  • Short term targeted workshops to infuse immediate classroom progress
  • eLearning courses targeted to professional learning needs in a flexible environment
  • Design your own customized professional learning built around your needs

Professional and Consulting Services

  • Collaborating with school districts to develop potential grant opportunities, proposals and implementation
  • Guiding technology integration in post secondary settings
  • Guest speaking and conference facilitator sessions

Online Courseware Options through eLearning

  • Training for courseware developers and facilitators of blended and online instruction
  • Professional learning for in-district technology coaches
  • Courseware or learning platform package usage options
  • Learn more on the eLearning page.


In addition to eMINTS National Center staff, there are over 325 certified eMINTS affiliate trainers located in schools and districts across 10 states and Australia who train teachers on behalf of the Center. Between our staff and affiliate trainers, the eMINTS National Center has trained and certified over 2,000 eMINTS teachers. The number of teachers trained by affiliates outside Missouri is rising. In the last three years, over 930 teachers earned eMINTS certification, 79% of which represent teachers trained by affiliates in other states.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the products and services we are proud to offer. Feel welcome to contact us at  emints-info@emints.org or (573) 884-7202 with any questions.