eMINTS Affiliate Trainer Program

Build your capacity to support innovative teaching and learning by certifying your staff as eMINTS Affiliates.  Affiliates participate in a 2-year program designed to grow their professional development and coaching skills. Upon program completion, affiliates can use eMINTS professional learning materials in your school or district and even train eMINTS certified teachers.

Affiliates Build Capacity to Sustain Change

  • Develop coaching and facilitation skills
  • Learn principles of adult learning
  • Develop their professional learning network
  • Grow leadership skills
  • Learn how to foster innovation
  • Develop an implementation plan tailored to the school/district vision

Independent researchers found eMINTS Affiliate Trainers implementing the eMINTS Comprehensive Program are likely to achieve similar results for teachers and students as eMINTS staff.

Program Details

  • 2 Year Program

    • Blended experience including online meetings, face-to-face sessions, and coaching
    • Active online learning community of eMINTS teachers and trainers
  • Access to Comprehensive Materials

    • Over 140 hours of ISTE aligned, digitally rich PD materials
    • Over 1,000 hours for online course materials
  • Ongoing Support

    • Robust community of experienced trainers
    • Regular webinars and events for certified trainers
Learn to implement our ISTE aligned program

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