FY15 eMINTS Comp. Year 1 Schedule

Downloadable PDF File Available Here: FY15-Comp-yr1

Timelines – The sequence of the eMINTS PD modules is very important. The PD and equipment installation schedules are listed by months (month 1, month 2, etc.) to accommodate eMINTS implementations that begin in any calendar month. However, please note that eMINTS PD modules are reviewed, revised and posted annually according to the U.S. fiscal year calendar dates (July, August, etc.) listed.

For locations that do not follow the U.S. fiscal year schedule, archived modules are available from eMINTS Moodle space (username and password required).

View or download eMINTS PD schedules below, by program and cohort year.


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Technology requirements

2014-16 Cohort Session Schedules

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