eMINTS4Techs Program

Training for technology staff to support the eMINTS Comprehensive

signature full scale, long term district renewal program.

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Research proven gains in standardized testing and student motivation -even in low income and SPED populations.

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ISTE Mastery Seal of Alignment Materials signify the highest quality PD

Partner is the 21st Century Skills PD Affiliate Program


eMINTS is a unit of  the world class University of Missouri College of Education and it’s materials have been researched and developed in collaboration with the campus


Full scale programs for 10+ years

Staff are experienced teachers and experts at classroom technology integration

Program Series Information

For the most significant impact, district wide participation is encouraged; we offer PD for a variety of roles. Here’s the basic information for all of these programs.

  • eMINTS Comprehensive is the teacher PD component of a series of our signature full scale, long term district renewal program.
  • PD4ETS (PD for Educational Technology Specialists) provides train the trainer supports so that districts can sustain and scale eMINTS programming.
  • eMINTS 4 All Trains educators with students above and below the official eMINTS classrooms.
  • eMINTS 4 Admin Develops administrator skills to support eMINTS Comprehensive implementations.

• We encourage all educators, including the principal, subject-area specialists, technology specialists and the library media specialist in a school to become involved• Equipment options are suggested to meet recommended functionality• Intended for Grades 3+, including multi-grade, Special education classrooms, LEP or ELL students, Gifted, Title I and traditional classrooms

  • Research based and proven
  • Developed in collaboration with the world class University of Missouri College of Education
  • Earned a Master Seal of Alignment under rigorous review by ISTE

eMINTS4Techs Program Details

The eMINTS Full Scale Programs involve a multi-year commitment which produce remarkable impacts. This program is meant to provide training to support this full scale implementation series with information on appropriate technology configuration. Here are the eMINTS 4Techs Program component details.

  • Sessions provide technology coordinators and other technical staff involved in the implementation of the eMINTS instructional model with the knowledge, skills and support needed for a successful school-wide implementation of the model.
  • eMINTS4Techs begins with an online session and continues throughout the year with discussions specific to technical aspects of the eMINTS implementation.
  • The course culminates with a second online meeting to discuss wrapping up the year and working with equipment during the summer to prepare for next year.

What Participants Say

eMINTS has been a very positive addition to my life and the lives of the teachers that I work with. It has helped create a community of learners from all grade levels who come together to support each other and learn from each other.
Certified eMINTS Trainer/Mentor
One of the most valuable components of my training was the peer visit. Being able to watch a master teacher at work in an eMINTS classroom was really a highlight.
Elementary Teacher
In my 35 years as an educator, eMINTS is the most powerful program for positively impacting teacher practice that I have ever seen.
Director, Instructional Technology

Pricing and Getting Started

Program rates are available Pricing page.Contact eMINTS at (573) 884-7202 or emints-info@emints.org to begin the conversation about innovating your schools.
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Current Participants

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