Full Scale Programs: Getting Started

Individuals who hear about the amazing impacts that eMINTS creates frequently ask, “How do I get started on a full scale school renewal with eMINTS?” Here's your guide.

Classroom Teachers and Support Staff

1. Work with your building principal to form a committee of interested teachers, parents and library media specialists or special educators. Include the district technology coordinator or representative.
2. Do some research about what is possible by reading through the eMINTS website.
3. Decide with the committee what type of eMINTS implementation you are interested in. Answer the questions listed below.
4. In the meantime, please use our Educator Resources for your use and your students’ use.

Principals and Administrators

1. Work with your superintendent to form a committee of interested educators — include teachers, parents, technology coordinators and other important stakeholders. We are happy to provide you with materials that help inform interested parties.
2. Do some research about what is possible by reading through the eMINTS website and then begin searching for possible funding sources – state, national, foundations, etc.
3. Decide with the committee what type of eMINTS implementation you are interested in.

Pricing and Funding Sources

For information on our pricing model, please see our Scheduling and Pricing page. If significant modifications are requested, resulting variations from the pricing model will be discussed.

Fees typically are paid by the district.

Many districts find that outside funding sources are very helpful in aiding their PD initiative. Please visit our Funding and Grant Sources page for suggestions on exploring these sources.

Guiding Initial Questions

Begin by doing some internal assessment.

  • How many teachers in the district or building are interested in the eMINTS instructional model and are willing to make the time commitment necessary to change their teaching styles? (Possibly identify potential candidates.)
  • How many Comprehensive eMINTS classrooms can we support financially and technically? (Most grants require more than one classroom or subject area and eMINTS recommends that schools and districts implement eMINTS on a systemic basis with at least two Comprehensive eMINTS classrooms per school to begin.)
  • How many eMINTS4All classrooms? (eMINTS4All classrooms are usually grade levels directly above and below the eMINTS Comprehensive classes.)
  • Who will deliver the eMINTS professional development to teachers?
    (Note: in Missouri, eMINTS staff can deliver the PD or a certified eMINTS district trainer can do so. Outside of Missouri, usually districts provide an individual who can complete the eMINTS train-the-trainer program, PD4ETS)
  • Do we have the support of our school board and community? If so, what are the indicators of support?
  • What are our possible funding sources?

Contact Us to Begin Your Journey!

Contact eMINTS at (573) 884-7202 or emints-info@emints.org to begin the conversation about innovating your schools.

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