2010 eMINTS Investing in Innovation Grant

The eMINTS Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant

In 2010 our validation proposal was one of 49 selected for a $12 million federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant.  The grant sought to examine the efficacy of eMINTS professional development program for students in small rural schools.

Project Goal 

To create Digital Age classrooms where students are engaged in solving real-world authentic problems; collaborating with their peers, teachers, and experts, and becoming savvy consumers of information as well as producers of new knowledge.

Project Reach

The project served about 10,500 students and 240 teachers in 60 small, rural, Missouri middle schools over its five-year period. Download map of i3 grant project districts (PDF 428 KB)

Project Features

  • Intensive professional development for teachers, administrators, and technology coordinators
  • Job-embedded coaching and mentoring for teachers
  • 1:1 technology for teachers and students

The Study

American Institutes for Research (AIR) conducted a randomized control trial to study the effectiveness of the eMINTS Comprehensive Program in rural middle schools. The study compared two test groups (eMINTS, eMINTS + Intel) against a control group.

Major Project Findings

Community of Learners

Classroom observations indicated significant and positive effects versus control in eMINTS and eMINTS+ classrooms.

Authentic Learning

eMINTS and eMINTS+Intel schools had significantly higher scores than control schools in both teacher survey results and classroom observation data.

Technology Integration

eMINTS and eMINTS+Intel schools had significantly higher scores than control schools in both teacher survey and classroom observation results.

High-quality Lesson Design

Teacher survey data showed eMINTS and eMINTS+Intel schools had significantly higher scores in this area versus control schools three years after beginning treatment.

Student Outcomes

eMINTS and eMINTS+Intel treatment schools both significantly outscored control schools in mathematics. eMINTS+ had a higher estimated impact than eMINTS did, but the difference was not significant.


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