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Edutopia showcases the partnership between eMINTS and Hartville Elementary School District, in an article spotlighting high-impact PD . The educators were excited with the results, which included improved test results and a new culture of excellence at the campus.


edutopiaeMINTS is honored to be recommended by Edutopia as one of few national programs that have externally evaluated chain of evidence of positive student impact. The review is available in the article, “Teacher Development Research Review: Evidence-Based Best Practices and Programs.”

Springdale Public Schools was 1 of 5 nationwide to recently be awarded The Department of Education $25.8 million Race To The Top grant. eMINTS’ role in the grant with Springdale is providing tiered professional learning experiences for teachers who are infusing technology into their classrooms. Learn more about the partnership on the Springdale Website and view recent media coverage.

After years since her first eMINTS training, one teacher shares how she is still having fun and that her students are getting more out of the instructional approach than ever, complete with a feature of how inquiry based learning is applied in her 4th grade classroom.

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  • Evaluations of the eMINTS Comprehensive PD program in Missouri schools consistently found that students in eMINTS classrooms significantly outperformed students in non eMINTS classrooms on Missouri’s state standardized tests.
  • A recent Investing in Innovation (i3) grant funded a randomized control trial study of the eMINTS program. Study findings meet What Works Clearinghouse standards for Moderate to Strong Evidence of Effectiveness.