Implementing iPads for your district? Get started with confidence!

Get comfortable with the basics of managing and setting up your iPads.

In this session participants will:

  • Identify basic functions and program basic device settings
  • Personalize your device settings to meet your classrooms needs
  • Explore and learn to download apps that can improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Find techniques to keep devices safe and functioning through appropriate maintenance

Session Information:

  • All K-14 educational professionals seeking to learn iPad primary functions will benefit
  • Come to the session with an iPad; Classroom use iPads, a Projector and Internet Connectivity are recommended for classroom implementation
  • Duration of 4 hours in a F2F  environment with a collaborative dynamic

After selecting sessions, or if you have questions about integrating some or all of the sessions into a customized PD, contact eMINTS at (573) 884-7202 or