Terms and Conditions for Use

Copyright/Service Mark

The eMINTS National Center images are part of the visual identity for the program. When used consistently, they create instant recognition of the services and value associated with eMINTS, its programs and services.

The images are service marked and copyrighted by eMINTS and The Curators of the University of Missouri and may not be used without permission. High resolution images are available by request.

eMINTS program participant use

If you are an eMINTS staff member or participating in an official eMINTS program (current or alum), you may download and use the web-resolution images available below on your website, subject to the published terms and restrictions.

All others who wish to request use of eMINTS images should contact the eMINTS National Center office atemints-info@emints.org.

Terms and restrictions

  1. Your right to use these images is non-exclusive. eMINTS may grant similar or other rights to other persons or entities.
  2. Your right to use these images is non-transferable. You may not assign your right to use these images to anyone else.
  3. Your right with respect to these images is limited to use. You will not acquire any ownership or other interest in these images by using them, and you may not sell, distribute or take other such action with respect to them.
  4. eMINTS may revoke your permission to use these images at any time and for any reason. Upon notice from eMINTS that your permission has been revoked, you must stop all use of these images immediately.
  5. You must use these images exactly as they appear in the eMINTS image library and may not modify or alter them in any way. You may not create derivative works from any image.
  6. If an image or photograph depicts or relates to identifiable persons or entities, you may not use it in a manner which suggests their association with or endorsement of any product, service, opinion or cause.
  7. You may use these images only on websites that relate to eMINTS or that designate your affiliation with eMINTS (for example, on a Web resume). You may not use these images on Web pages intended to disparage eMINTS or the University of Missouri.
  8. You may not use these images for commercial purposes or place them on a website engaged in commercial activity.


  1. The eMINTS logo may appear in white, black or eMINTS colors only.
  2. Logos may not be stretched, skewed or combined with other graphic elements.
  3. eMINTS logos should appear on a solid color, contrasting background.
  4. To request high-resolution or vector versions of logo, contact emints-info@emints.org.

Please Note: Any linking to or downloading from files/images on this site shall constitute acceptance of these terms and restrictions. Inquiries about this policy and requests for permission for other uses should be directed to the eMINTS National Center.