eMINTS Professional Learning Packs

Introducing Professional Learning Packs with Micro-credentialing

We offer affordable packages of professional learning

  • Packs are 7.5 – 10.5 hours delivered in a series of 3.5 hour workshops
  • Topics promote student achievement in digital age environments
  • Active learning; participants create materials and learning experiences to be used in the classroom
  • Teachers participate in multiple clusters to develop effective 21st century classrooms
  • Detailed digital participant guides with access to digital resources and tools
  • Handouts and scaffolds can be used with students

Two delivery options to meet your district needs:

  • Schedule our experienced staff to deliver sessions at your district.
  • Your district trainer is credentialed to deliver sessions with a 6 hour online course and successful completion of assessment. Your staff can access materials for one year.

Micro-credentialing with digital badges
What is Micro-credentialing? – Digital badges awarded for obtaining smaller, bite-sized skills meeting specific competencies. eMINTS micro-credentialing system allows teachers to develop and gain recognition for obtaining specific skills necessary for effective, modern, digital age instruction.

How does it work? Following face-to-face professional learning sessions, teachers use skills and materials developed to support their classroom practice. They determine how their application in the classroom meets specific eMINTS Digital Age Teaching and Learning competencies and submit an artifact. The relevance of the artifact to the competencies is determined by a reflection submitted by the participant. eMINTS provides digital badges that align with Mozilla Open Badging Standard (http://openbadges.org/).

Advantages of Micro-credentialing

  • Credentialing allows teachers to document and gain recognition for skills they develop during professional learning
  • Professional learning moves beyond “seat time” and accountability is provided for learning
  • Transfer of professional learning to classroom practice is ensured

Purchase one, any, or all of the following clusters or mix and match sessions to create a customized grouping that meets your unique needs.


Option 1

District Staff Deliver Professional Learning Packs ($300/pack)

Your district staff will complete a short online course that will familiarize them with our materials and professional learning approach. Cost includes unlimited usage within your school/district for 1 year from purchase date.

Optional: eMINTS Verified Micro-credentials ($20 / teacher / package)

eMINTS will provide digital badges for participating teachers that show competency by applying the skills and strategies learned in the sessions in their classes, reflecting upon the experience and providing an artifact.

Note: Certified eMINTS Affiliate Trainers (PD4ETS) can use the Professional Learning packs at no additional cost to their annual materials usage fee.  Affiliates may opt to purchase micro-credentialing services at the standard rate of $20/teacher/package.

Option 2

eMINTS staff deliver Professional Learning Packs in your school

Number of Participants Fee
1-18 $1500
19-30 $2250
31-45 $2550
46-60 $3000
More than 60 $4500

Call 573-289-7628 or email emints-info@emints.org for more information.


Fill out the Professional Learning Packs District Request Form

Packs Available

Community of Learners

  • 21st Century Classroom Community – 10.5 hours (2 flipped hours)

Powered by Technology

  • Digital Age Literacy – 10.5 hours
  • Making and Publishing Movies – 9.5 hours
  • Digital Tools for the Classroom – 10.5 hours
  • Connected Classrooms – 9.5 hours

Authentic Learning

  • Authentic Project-based Learning – 10.5 hours
  • Learning Through Inquiry – 10.5 hours

High Quality Lesson Design

  • Supporting Student Learning with Scaffolds – 7 hours
  • Assessment as Learning – 7 hours
  • Student-Centered Learning – 7.5 hours (2 hours are online)
  • Instructional Design for effective Technology Integration (10.5 hours)
  • Designing and Managing Online Lessons (12 hours)

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Does your district have certified eMINTS trainers?

Your district eMINTS trainer can use eMINTS materials to deliver the clusters for the cost of licensing materials. A fee is charged for micro-credentialing and badge issuing. Call 573-884-7202 for details.