eMINTS4All Program

The eMINTS4All program is a less intensive version of the eMINTS Comprehensive Professional Development program designed to help schools build up to or expand the full program. The program consists of a carefully selected and sequenced subset of the eMINTS Comprehensive Professional Development Materials.

Reach Every Teacher

  • Train teachers below third grade in elementary schools with eMINTS Certified Teachers
  • Support teachers in grades above eMINTS Certified teachers or in schools that receive students who have been taught by eMINTS Certified teachers
  • Implement a school-wide program with a lower time and resource commitment than the comprehensive program requires

Program Details

  • Typically a 2-year program, but can be implemented across 3 or even 4 years
  • Approximately 100 hours of PD – about 1/2 of the hours required for the eMINTS Comprehensive Program
  • Approximately 5-7 in-classroom coaching and mentoring visits
  • Online community of practice
  • Subset of eMINTS comprehensive program

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