Standards Based Assessment Workshops

Create standards based centered solutions by leveraging technology. These face to face workshops can be stand alone or combined with any other eMINTS session.

Explore the session options below and contact us to develop PD solution that meets your individual needs.

We offer customized programming or materials licensing.

Instructional best practices leveraging technology have emerged-regardless of the assessment framework your district adopts.

Learn how to help students meet benchmarks in the transforming landscape.

Practice developing standards centered lessons with the support of your trainers and peers. Use the favorite materials and processes that make your lessons uniquely you, adapting them to correlate with new standards based units of study.

Get started right by building a formative assessment timeline that allows you to see student competency achievements and opportunities to adjust your instruction to meet class needs.

In this session you will:

• Identify the guiding standards appropriate for your specific level and content area
• Integrate technology tools into the lesson plan to increase engagement using inquiry and problem based learning
• Explore recommended technology tools to streamline formative assessment
• Create an adapted lesson, establishing an understanding of implementation in other lessons

Design real life projects which draw in the content, rigor, and deep understanding that the standards such as the Common Core require.

Students will be excited and engaged as they move to a higher level through collaboration, research, synthesis and presentation.

Your students will amaze you once you guide them using the foundation you gain from this workshop.

In this session you will:

• Identify the guiding standards for your level and content area
• Examine sample problem based learning lessons
• Review the techniques to achieve higher level learning objectives
• Generate ideas to integrate problem based learning into lessons
• Practice a problem based learning experience; researching, synthesizing and presenting as students would

Guide your students to become engaged, problem solving thinkers. Learn to develop more effective questions and teach your students to constructively question themselves and peers to create deeper understanding.

In this session you will:

• Review guiding standards such as the Common Core which seek questioning activities
• Explore sample scenarios that demonstrate effective inquiry techniques
• Identify questioning techniques that dig for deeper understanding
• List techniques to create a safe community for constructive criticism for growth
• Explore the integration of questioning techniques as a component of lesson development

Assess what needs to be taught before instruction begins. Formative assessment can guide the efficient use of instructional time. Sample technology tools which streamline assessment and reporting. Preview an assessment timeline which can be a time saver in planning for assessment. This is a BYOD workshop!

In this session you will:

• Review fundamentals of best practices in formative assessment
• Explore examples of assessment models and identify how they could shape instruction
• Experience formative assessment approach of workshop instruction
• Sample tools such as Three Ring, Socrative, Evernote and Padlet
• Identify Standards Based connections to assessment practices
• Investigate technology tools that can streamline assessment and reporting
• Create an assessment timeline

Standards such as the Common Core and Smart Balanced Assessments provide common ground nationwide, creating a plethora of online information, lessons plans, and suggestions for implementation. Learn efficient techniques to filter and organize the abundance of resources and build a personalized professional library.

In this session you will:

• Investigate recommended archives for standards based archives
• Search recommended resources applicable to level and content area
• Explore digital tools that make organization simple and sustainable
• Develop the foundation of a digital library of personalized standards based resources
• Discuss how PLN collaboration can leverage resource sharing
• Begin building a personal professional library for quick classroom reference

Getting Started

These face to face workshops can be stand alone or combined with any other eMINTS session. We offer customized programming or materials licensing .

We like to have personal conversations about your goals and options, contact eMINTS at (573) 884-7202 or

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