SMART Technology Workshops

The SMART Series of workshops cover from beginner to advanced use of the SMART technology, including the board and notebook with certified SMART trainers.

These face to face workshops can be stand alone or combined with any other eMINTS session.

Explore the session options below and contact us to develop PD solution that meets your individual needs.

We offer customized programming or materials licensing.

Preview of some of the newest features from the SMART Notebook 14.

SMART Technology Basics

Developed especially for those new to SMART Technology, these sessions introduce basic set up, tools, instructional integration tips and troubleshooting.
Developed especially for SMART Board beginners, this session guides participants and board basics, from set up through troubleshooting, creating confidence with SMART technology.

In addition to the functional foundation, teachers will complete the session with specific ideas for using the board in the classroom as you investigate using the SMART Board through hands-on practice and discovery.

In this session participants will cover:

● Connecting and verifying connectivity
● Typing, writing and erasing
● Toolbar icons, tools and actions
● Using the SMART recorder
● Control panel and hardware information and settings
● Troubleshooting techniques and scenarios

Developed especially for new users, the SMART Notebook Basics session employs a set of inquiry based activities to teach functionality while offering inspiration for classroom application.

Teachers will gain the foundation skills to begin to access a library of 60,000 lessons, create content in a teacher developed, intuitive platform, and engage students while synchronously gathering assessment data.

In this session participants will:

● Identify basic functions and features including the menus, toolbar and side tabs
● Explore hidden responses
● Create and customize tables
● Catalog and insert images, backgrounds & interactive multimedia
● Use Link It/Sort It to capture internet objects, insert hyperlinks and order pages
● Compose and edit with Ink Aware, a handwriting recognition tool
● Explore how students can interact live with any smart device (phone tablet, laptop, etc.) device, answering polls and more

Explore how SMART can increase student engagement and more efficient lesson development. Collaborate with peers to design activities during the session. Learn about the community that shares thousands of pre-developed lessons.

Discovery, creation, and design are all part of this session.

In this session participants will:

● Identify lesson best practices by reviewing examples
● Explore the foundation functions and tools
● Practice activity design and development
● Identify strategies that integrate immediate feedback, adaptability and immediate assessment into activities
● Become part of the SMART Community, sharing lessons with teachers worldwide
● Review pre-developed lessons that can be used in class immediately

The foundation of SMART technology includes accessing SMART Exchange and discovering the interactive pre-made, downloadable lessons.
Explore possibilities beyond the foundation by engaging with students in their Web 2.0 world. Connect with students and teach how they learn: with social media, videos, and creation and content publishing.

Web 2.0 takes the internet beyond a source of information to a place to interact and be part of the information flow. Explore how the SMART board can boost class interaction with these Web 2.0 tools.

In this session participants will:

● Search the SMART Exchange for activities for instant implementation
● Identify the features of Web 2.0 tools
● Review device settings that optimize for Web 2.0 use
● Explore Web 2.0 staff pick tools
● Collaborate with peers to investigate Web 2.0 tools

SMART Boards have unique opportunity for primary level classrooms: students who are mastering reading can view media and images, and the recorded lessons can be replayed for reinforcement towards mastery.

While textbooks have graphics, SMART boards can display multimedia that you can replay, edit, and even edit and caption with digital ink, using engagement techniques which has become natural for your students’ generation. Investigate inquiry-based methods for using a SMART Board with Primary students.
Work with your peers to create interactive activities that promote inquiry and elicit higher-level thinking in your students.

In this session participants will:
● Interactive activities for the SMART Board
● Share Folders of ideas/pre-made activities

Expanded Topics

Most beneficial for those who have experience with SMART Technology, these sessions introduce tools, applications and functions beyond the basics which maximize SMART tools.
Discover some of the lesser known functions and features of SMART technology. Experienced users can improve their SMART experience with the upgrades which create continuous enhancements.

Expert SMART certified eMINTS staff guide you through exploration of advanced uses of SMART tools and functions. Session highlights include the SMART Recorder, Print Capture, and Page Recorder.

In this session participants will:

● Customize the SMART Board’s advanced settings to meet personal needs
● Personalize the SMART Notebook and Toolbar settings
● Master functions such as grouping, linking, page pinning, creating tables, attachments, and the “My Content” folder
● Explore the lesson activity tool kit and themes
● Review SMART updates
● Use new techniques to leverage the recorder, video player, magic pen, print capture, and page recorder

Forget the bus and headcounts, save money and stress by going on fields trips without ever leaving the school. Share destinations like National Parks, Museums, and exotic international locations, while integrating across the curriculum, including science, history, art, geography, social studies.

You will venture on virtual excursions with your peers to create trips your students can take right on the screen of your SMART board.

In the second component of the session, help students also share their world using the SMART Document Camera, converting 3D objects into digital figures to manipulate, label and save on screen.

It this session participants will:

● Sample pre-developed virtual field trip lessons
● Integrate learning objectives and standards into a field trip
● Explore Google Maps, getting a street level view of locations worldwide
● Convert 3D objects to the SMART screen
● Practice sharing student work through iPad apps (as applicable)

Bring the knowledge of experts from around the world into your classroom. Interview professionals, authors, and external authorities through a variety of software and online tools combined with the SMART Board. Learn about multiple strategies for increasing interaction by gathering and displaying student ideas and data through tools such as message boards and polling.

In this session participants will:

● Discuss fundamentals to integrate strong pre-interview preparation
● Formulate quality questioning and prompts to maximize interview opportunities
● Foster 21st Century Skills by discussing how to develop appropriate student interaction
● Test out the free online chat and interaction tools
● Practice polling to gather and display student feedback, check for understanding and assess
● Discover how to help conversation continue and grow using message boards

Discover what is changing classrooms all over: flipping a class turns classrooms upside down-in a great way. SMART technology makes flipping a breeze.

Use the SMART Recorder to capture step-by-step processes for students to engage with content as their homework; providing class time for high quality questioning, discussion and interaction.

In this session participants will:

● Identify how to help students configure technology for at home use
● Create and export files from SMART Notebook for out of school student access
● Record the screen and audio, like your voice, to create a virtual lesson that can be saved and reviewed
● Use the video player to connect a device, play a video and even write captions in digital ink
● Import existing files from other software, such as PowerPoint or Word, using Print Capture
● Practice using Math Tools, including measuring, manipulating shapes, geometry and secondary math topics as appropriate

Beyond Workshops: Also learn online through eLearning

Getting Started

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