eMINTS teacher websites

Classroom websites developed by eMINTS teachers provide rich resources for their students and their families. They also provide models and resources for other teachers, especially those who are engaged in eMINTS professional development programs.

The eMINTS National Center is developing a centralized listing of links to eMINTS teacher websites as a resource for teaching and learning.

Teachers who wish to have their classroom website linked from the eMINTS National Center expanded resources site should submit information via a brief online form.

Teachers who submit links to their websites grant permission for the eMINTS National Center to post links to their sites and reference them in training activities. It is the website owner’s responsibility to maintain the websites and update links to them as necessary.

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Next update to listings will be in fall 2014.
Contributed website links will be updated at least twice each year:

  • November 20
  • March 15

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Contributed website links will be updated at least twice each year: November 20 and March 15.
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All – alphabetical by teacher’s name

Teacher’s Name Grade Subject
Dana Abercrombie 6-8 Special Education
Lori Aldredge 3-5 Elementary
Trish Alexander 3-5 Reading
Sara Becker 3-5 Elementary
Josh Bennett 3-5 Elementary
Roger Brallier 6-8 Current Events
Social Studies
Kelly Butler 3-5 Elementary
William Chamberlain 3-5 Elementary
Kyley Cochran 3-5 Elementary
Christina Compton 3-5 Elementary
Becky Cooper 9-12 English
Victoria Costley 6-8 Language Arts
Lugenia Counce 3-5 Elementary
Kari Cox 3-5 Language Arts
William Cunningham 3-5 Elementary
Alana Cureton 3-5 Elementary
Judy Dawes 3-5 Elementary
Jake Dawson 6-8 Special Education
William Dooley 6-8 Science
Daryle Eswein 3-5 Elementary
Gay Friar 9-12 Special Education
Chip Gann 5 Math
Crystal Gillespie 3-5 Elementary
Brian Goatley 9-12 Math
Vickie Goin 3-5 Elementary
Genevieve Gouaux 3-5 Elementary
Karen Griffis 3-5 Elementary
Brandie Hatch 6-8 Instructional Technology
Francie Holder 9-12 Science
Gina Hollingshad 3-5 Elementary
Donna Horn 3-5 Elementary
Angie Johnson 9-12 Special Education
Shae Johnson 3-5 Elementary
Kim Jones 3-5 Elementary
Megan Julius 3-5 Elementary
Carla Justis 6-8 Visual Arts
Elaine Kelly 3-5 Elementary
Katherine Keltner 6-8 Language Arts
Meghan Kimani 6-8 Special Education
Tabrey Kimbrough 9-12 Mathematics
Janet Kinsella 3-5 Elementary
Denis Knight 6-8 Science
Irene Kraus 3-5 Elementary
Joshua Lancaster 9-12 Social Studies
Heather Lang PreK-2 Elementary
Lori Leicher 3-5 Elementary
Tandi Leonard 3-5 Elementary
Tonya Lewis 9-12 Science
Gina Loyd 3-5 Elementary
Linda Maberry 6-8 Special Education
Tracey Mack 6-8 Social Studies
Anita Makings 3-5 Elementary
Leslie Mareth 6-8
Lori Mathys 3-5 Elementary
Chris Martinez 9-12 Mathematics
Jason McAdoo 3-5 Elementary
Colleen McLain EdTech Ed Tech Specialist
Sheryl Melton 3-5 Special Education
Sandy Miller 6-8 Elementary
Gina Mitchell 6-8 Language Arts
Angie Modlin 9-12 Library
Treena Murray 3-5 Elementary
Shana Newman 3-5 Elementary
Beth Newton 6-8 Science
Gwyn Osborne 3-5 Elementary
Monte Padgett 9-12 Math
Jennifer Patton 3-5 Elementary
Judy Pelley 3-5 Elementary
Jennifer Pope 3-5 Elementary
Patricia Rehling 3-5 Elementary
Kevin Rentel 9-12 Language
Kathy Richardson 9-12 Athletics
Career Ed
School to Work
Christina Rivet 6-8 Mathematics
Amy Roberts 3-5 Elementary
Joan Roberts 3-5 Elementary
Melynda Runkle 3-5 Elementary
Karen Sander 3-5 ESOL
Maria Sansoucie 3-5 Elementary
Kevin Schuchmann 9-12 Business
Career Technology
Amy Schwartz 3-5 Elementary
DeAnna Sheets Prek-2
Sue Smith 3-5 Special Education
Melanie Steward 3-5 Elementary
Scott Steward 9-12 Language
Stephanie Steward 3-5 Elementary
Suzanne Stillwell 3-5 K-12 Technology
Rebecca Summers 3-5 Elementary
Melissa Timmerman 3-5 Elementary
Brandy Tripp 3-5 Elementary
Nicole Umphrey 3-5 Elementary
Krissy Venosdale 3-5 Gifted
Andrea Westpfahl 3-5 Elementary
Tricia Weydert 6-8 Science
Traci Willis 3-5 Elementary
Lisa Young 3-5 Elementary