Change Happens from Within

At the eMINTS National Center we do not expect schools to implement a scripted program. We work closely with your school to:

  • Identify Goals – From personalized learning to problem-based instruction, we help schools clarify their vision for digital age learning and the technology that will make it possible.
  • Create an Evaluation Plan – If it doesn’t work for kids, it isn’t worth your time. That’s why we believe its important to build meaningful measures into any program that help us make adjustments along the way and understand if we are on the right path.
  • Customize and Contextualize – One size does not fit all. Professional development should be closely aligned with your goals, well-planned, thought-provoking, and fun.
  • Create Lasting Change – We can train your staff to implement your vision for professional development and design new learning experiences.

But Can’t Happen Without Support


Educators need the same excitement and engagement that they want for their students.

We design professional development guided by the same instructional model and digital age competencies for teaching and learning that we recommend for educators.


Educators need support in the space where they teach.

Whether the learning space is brick-and-mortar or virtual, we pair professional learning with job-embedded coaching. Coaching helps teachers translate their learning into their day-to-day practice.


No one should have to make significant change alone.

We build a supportive community of peers working toward a common goal. These communities are built on-site in face-to-face professional development and online with a network of current and past participants.


The way technology is used should be a reflection of the world beyond the classroom.

We help create learning where technology is used to tackle real-world problems, collaborate with others, turn information to understanding, and create powerful products.