Graduate credit information – UMC

Updated for spring 2016

Enrollment procedures

  1. Students who are new to Mizzou – or who have not attended classes in a full calendar year – must complete the Application for post baccalaureate admission by February 10, 2016.
    • Note: Being admitted is not the same as being enrolled in the course.
  2. Submit a transcript showing bachelor’s degree awarded.
    • At the time of your initial enrollment at MU.
    • An unofficial copy can be temporarily accepted for non-degree-seeking students, but an official copy must be received during the first semester of enrollment.
    • An official transcript is required by the academic department if you are applying to a degree program.
    • Copy or official transcript must indicate the degree and date awarded and the name of the institution.
    • Note: Your transcript must be received before the enrollment can be processed. If you have one on file at MU, no action is needed.
    • Students who graduated from MU do not need to provide a transcript.
  3. After students have been admitted – or for currently active students – submit a consent request form.
    • Go to
    • Find the course needed and click to see course details.
    • Scroll down to click the Mizzou Online button and complete the consent request form.
    • You will receive an email confirmation that the form was submitted. You will receive a permission number via a separate email once your request has been approved.
    • Form must be submitted to Mizzou Online by February 19, 2016.
    • You will then be able to enroll through myZou using the permission number.

Note: it takes several days to process enrollment requests, so please enroll ASAP! There is a late registration fee of $276.20.

Submit enrollment form and transcript to
University of Missouri-Columbia
Mizzou Online Registration
136 Clark Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-6300
Fax (573) 882-5071

Request grades or transcript

Request grades, transcripts, records from MU

Program Course Title Course & Section # Spring Credit Hours Total Cost
eMINTS Comprehensive PD (Year 1) (Syllabus coming soon) Using Technology to Enhance Inquiry Based Learning (Year 1) ISLT 9410-18 (66962) 3 $300
eMINTS Comprehensive PD (Year 2) (Syllabus coming soon) Advanced Integration of Technology into the K-12 Curriculum (Year 2) ISLT 9410-19 (66963) 3 $300

Payment Information

Students can check their course schedule and bill by going to
Note: Payment must be made by the monthly due date indicated on the billing statement or you could lose access to your online course.

Option #1 – check
Mail check to
Office of Cashiers
15 Jesse Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

This payment must be received in the Office of Cashiers prior to the monthly payment due date to avoid late payment fees. Interest charges will accrue on any unpaid balance.

Option #2 – Online Payment – myZou
Access online payment options at

Students may pay their fees through a debit of their checking or savings account. Students will need their PawPrint/User ID and password to use this website.

Students and authorized users may also select to pay by credit card (Discover or Mastercard only) from the myZou website. This method will include a 2.75% service charge fee which will be added to the bill.

Third party payment – myZou
Students may use myZou to set up a third-party payer (such as a school district) as an authorized user on their student account. The payer can make a debit payment using the same online option described above.

Invoice – If a third party payment is indicated on the student’s enrollment form, the payer will receive an invoice from the Cashiers Office and may be charged an additional Mandatory Sponsor Fee of $150.00 per semester. (This fee is charged once per semester per payer. It is not charged per student.) An official letter of authorization is required to be on file in the Office of Cashiers to initiate this process. Payment of all fees remains the responsibility of the student.

Third Party Payer may avoid the Mandatory Sponsor Fee by taking advantage of the online options above. Or, a student may provide their monthly billing statement to their third party payer as documentation and the payer may issue a check directly to the University to pay the fees.

Fee Reimbursement – Some third party payers require students to pay their fees and be reimbursed after the course is completed and grades have been assigned. These details are established between the payer and the student. Timely payment of all fees remains the responsibility of the student.

Moodle information

Students will receive information from their graduate course facilitator about accessing and using the eMINTS Moodle space. Graduate credit courses are presented in Moodle (

Dropping a course

Students who want to drop a course should make a request through the Mizzou Online website –
Options include: online submission, fax, mail or e-mail.

A student who drops a course or withdraws from the University of Missouri-Columbia after the course begins is still responsible for the payment of course fees.

Masters in Educational Technology

eMINTS credit and seven additional classes will result in a Masters degree focusing on Technology in Schools from the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU). This MA is possible through a cooperative agreement between the eMINTS program and the MU School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (MU-SISLT)

Find out more

For more information

eMINTS graduate credit
Lorie Kaplan, eMINTS Executive Director
(573) 884-7202

Mizzou Online
(573) 882-3598 or (800) 609-3727 (Option 2)

Moodle support
Scott Parsons, eMINTS Communications
(573) 239-7268