Sample Online Lessons

Webquests are just one type of digital lesson. Below is a selection of WebQuests created by the teachers in our programs.

eMINTS teachers have created the high-quality Lessons and WebQuests offered here. All Webquests have been evaluated by eMINTS staff using a scoring guide.

Title and Link Grade Level Subject/Content Area
Lessons by eMINTS Teachers Various LevelsAll Subjects
Ooey Gooey Choco Bars Seeks Your Help 3-5Mathematics
A Cure for the Volume of a Cone, Cylinder and Sphere Middle School Mathematics
End Slavery Now Middle School Communication Arts
Social Studies
Energy Resources Middle School Social Studies
The Field Trip Proposal Middle School Mathematics
The Human Cell in Our Everyday World Middle School Science
Welcome to the Show-Me-StateMiddle School Social Studies
Cabin Fever Turned Cabin MurderHigh School Mathematics
The Perfect Society High School Communication Arts
War on Drugs in America: Marijuana High School Communication Arts
Contemporary Issues
What's This Button For? High School Mathematics

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