Our History

The eMINTS National Center was established in 2000 through a partnership between the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Missouri Department of Higher Education, and the University of Missouri to help schools and teachers meet the demands of digital age teaching and learning.

For nearly 20 years, we have been helping schools and teachers meet the demands of Digital Age teaching and learning. The Center offers professional development and support focused on the powerful intersection of technology, standards-based instruction and research-based teaching practices. eMINTS professional development includes options for schools at every stage of implementation from online courses to the flagship two-year comprehensive PD program.


  • 2015 – The eMINTS Program Meets What Works Clearinghouse Standards for Moderate to High Evidence of Effectiveness
    A recent Investing in Innovations Grant (i3) funds a randomized control trial study of the impact of eMINTS Comprehensive PD Program.  Read the study.
  • 2014 – The eMINTS National Center Moves to the MU College of Education
    In order to better support the mission of the university, eMINTS moves from the University of Missouri System to the Mizzou College of Education.
  • 2013 – ISTE Mastery Seal of Alignment 
    ISTE conducts a comprehensive review of eMINTS PD and awards the Mastery Seal for Alignment with the ISTE Technology Standards for Teachers. Read more on ISTE.org.
  • 2013 – eMINTS Helps Teach Computational Thinking Through Game Design
    The University of Colorado-Boulder and eMINTS win an NSF iTEST grant to expand PD helping teachers engage kids in programming and game design as they learn computational thinking skills.
  •  2010 – Prestigious Investing in Innovations (i3) Grant 
    eMINTS wins a $12 million dollar Investing in Innovations (i3) grant  grant to study the impact of the eMINTS Comprehensive PD program.
  • 2008 –  The First International Adoption of eMINTS PD Programs  
    eMINTS professional development programs are implemented in New South Wales, Australia.
  • 2007 – eMINTS PD Integrated into Teacher Preparation Programs
    The first college of education prepares students to teach with technology by integrating eMINTS PD into the teacher pre-service program.
  • 2007 – eMINTS Pilots STEM Classrooms
    Missouri designates $2.9 million in funding for 100 eMINTS/STEM model classrooms.
  • 2005 – Programs for Added for Administrators
    Based on research findings, eMINTS added two new programs to support school reform: eMINTS for Administrators and eMINTS4All.
  • 2005 – eLearning for Educators is Launched 
    eLearning for Educators, an online PD program, is funded through a Federal Ready to Teach grant involving eight states and eight public television partners.
  • 2005 – eMINTS Comprehensive PD Program Earns ISTE NETS•T™ Seal of Alignment 
    eMINTS Comprehensive PD Program is the first program to earn full alignment with 100% of the ISTE Standards for Teachers.
  • 2004 – Middle School and High School Settings Added
    eMINTS Comprehensive PD Program expands into middle school and high school settings.
  • 2002 – eMINTS is Adopted Outside of Missouri for the First Time
    More than 70 new Utah eMINTS classrooms open in the Salt Lake City, Granite City, Tintic, Duschesne and Ogden districts.
  • 2002 – Professional Development for Educational Technology Specialists
    eMINTS launches a train-the-trainer program to help build district capacity to sustain and expand eMINTS professional development programs.
  • 2001 – Third Cohort of Teachers in eMINTS Comprehensive PD
    The third generation of eMINTS Comprehensive PD teachers represents 63 Missouri school districts and 126 new eMINTS teachers. Evaluation of eMINTS classes continues to reveal positive trends.
  • 2000  – Expansion of the eMINTS Comprehensive PD Program
    The eMINTS Comprehensive PD program expands to include a second year of training and coaching. The second generation of eMINTS teachers represents 38 new school districts.
  • 1999  – eMINTS Comprehensive PD Program Established
    Based on the success of the MINTS pilot,  an early version of the eMINTS Comprehensive PD Program is deployed for 44 Missouri districts and 88 teachers.